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Flag Day of India

Flag Day of India

Real-life superheroes of the Armed forces are honoured annually on Flag Day of India on December 7. This day allows citizens to take responsibility for looking after disabled service members, families, and dependents of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country. Miniature flags in dark blue, light blue, and red representing the Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy are distributed throughout the country in exchange for donations. 

History of Flag Day of India

Flag Day of India – also known as The Armed Forces Flag Day, is commemorated through the collection of funds by the distribution of flags. Indian citizens express their gratitude to veterans and current military personnel of the country and pay homage to those who died in service.
This annual tradition started in 1949 on August 28; the then Defence Minister of India set up a committee to observe Flag Day every year on December 7. The general idea behind this was the collection of funds from people by distributing flags.
In Addition to the national flag’s colours, the day’s colour code is red, light blue, and dark blue, representing the three branches of the Indian Armed Forces – Army, Air Force, and Navy. Across the nation, patriotic events are arranged to encourage public participation and support the cause. The primary purposes of the day are to collect funds that will allow rehabilitation to families of martyrs and war victims, ensure well being of the serving personnel and their dependents, and contribute to the welfare and resettlement of veterans and their families.
We love how, on the Flag Day of India, the Indian Military staff aids the cause by arranging various shows, activities, and carnivals to showcase in front of the general public and to ensure national security. During the celebrations, volunteers collect donations by selling stickers, coupon flags, and other memorabilia. We cannot think of a more patriotic way to show solidarity!

Flag Day of India Timeline

August 15, 1947
Independent India
With the division of the Subcontinent, India gains status as an independent country.

August 28, 1949
An Idea is Born
A committee was set up and made in charge of ‘Flag Day Fund.’

December 7, 1949
First Time
The Flag Day of India is observed for the first time with great zeal and results.

Combined Change
Related welfare funds were merged into a singular Armed Forces Flag Day Fund by the Defence Ministry of India.

Flag Day of India Faqs

Why is Armed Forces Flag Day celebrated?
The services of the gallant and brave heroes of the Armed Forces who have laid down their lives for their country are remembered and honoured on this day.

Where is the headquarters of the Indian armed forces located?
The headquarters of the Armed Forces of India is located in the capital city of New Delhi.

Who designed India’s national flag?
Fittingly to the day, a freedom fighter by the name of Pingali Venkayya designed the first flag of India, upon which all other designs were based.

How To Celebrate Flag Day Of India

  1. Donate to a great cause!
  2. While the Armed Forces personnel are doing all the hard work, this is the one time citizens can show that they’ve got their back! Be generous with your donations and contributions to the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund.
  3. Volunteer at a fundraiser
  4. Ever wanted to be a sidekick to a superhero? Well, this is close enough. Volunteer at the local events set up for Flag Day and get into the day’s spirit. Collect donations, distribute flags, or assist in the many shows for entertainment.
  5. Attend a festival.
  6. The protectors in uniform know how to celebrate in style! Attend the various cultural and traditional events, festivals, and other activities set up and staged by the Armed Forces themselves!

5 Fun Facts About Flags

  1. You have got to be unique!
  2. The national flag of Nepal is the only one in the world which doesn’t have a quadrilateral shape.
  3. The only square-shaped flag.
  4. Switzerland is the only country to have a square-shaped flag.
  5. History in colour codes.
  6. The colours of a flag are usually symbolic of the country’s history.
  7. Purple is the rarest colour.
  8. Used only on two flags of the world, the most uncommon shade on a flag is purple.
  9. The oldest flag in the world.
  10. The most extended and most consistently represented flag in the world is that of Denmark.

Why Flag Day Of India Is Important

  1. To honour the sacrifices of servicemen
  2. The memory of those who have sacrificed their lives for their country and its citizens deserves every bit of this gratitude. Without them, peace and harmony wouldn’t be possible.
  3. Supporting livelihoods of families
  4. Your donations truly do make a difference. All funds go towards supporting families of disabled soldiers or fallen warriors.
  5. Being a true patriot.
  6. The support of the citizens for the country’s Armed Forces is an excellent display of all-round patriotism. The Armed Forces and the people stand together as one nation and pledge allegiance to the Republic and its flag.

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