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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2022: Poems about Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi Poem

Lord Ganesha
Destroyer of people’s obstacles,
Beginner in every auspicious work,
Modaka [sweets] lover,
Passionate submission to fathers,
elephant trunks,
elephant head transplants,
mouse chariot drivers,
all obstacles, save us from all obstacles.

Lord Ganesha
Indian Hindu God
Mythical and Mystical,
God of Wealth and Prosperity,
Elephant Face,
Meaning Trunk,
But Very Auspicious.
What a bliss to chant His name
What a bliss to bear His name
To conduct business and commerce under Him
As Lakshmi with wealth and riches!

God of Gods Lord Ganesha!
Is Vinayaka Lord Kumara’s brother or brother?
In the North, He is the younger brother to Lord Kumara;
In the South, Vinayaka is the elder son to Siva snd Sakti;
The answer lies in the crisis created by divine sage Naratha!
Naratha gave a mango fruit to the family of Siva and Sakti; They were confused as to who mango had to be given among sons; They decided to have a competition between Ganesha and Kumara; It was it would be given to one who goes round Universe first!
Immediately after the announcement, Kumara flies on his peacock; But Ganesha thinks, goes around Siva and Sakti, and stands before Them telling them I have finished first in the contest and when asked For His explanation He says parents represent the whole Universe!

In the temple, people go round the deity’s sannathing as a mark Of going round the deity itself and that is what Ganesha did; Appreciating His wisdom, Ganesha is given the mango as a prize; Seeing this, when Kumara returned did not accept and got angry!

Seeing this, wise Ganesha gives the mango to Kumara to pacify; But Kumara being knowledgeable and beautiful quits the family and Becomes a sage sitting on a hill called Pazhani, where Poetess Avvai comes, pacifies and unites the family of Siva and Sakti!

Later the divine-hearted Ganesha helps Kumra get the hand of Loving Valli and conducts the marriage of Kumara and Valli; Thereafter for all the success of any work and marriages, All pray to Lord Ganesha first and then only start all affairs!

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