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Indonesia Independence Day 2022

Indonesia Independence Day

Indonesia celebrates its Independence Day annually on August 17th, as this was the day when Independence was declared from the Netherlands. Indonesia Independence Day is celebrated annually on August 17th as this national holiday commemorates Indonesia’s declaration of Independence from the Netherlands in 1945. The Indonesian holiday is formerly known as ‘Hari Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia’, abbreviated as ‘HUT RI’ or simply ‘Hari Kerdekaan’. 

The proclamation led to four more years of fighting before their official recognition of their Independence by the Dutch government when Queen Juliana of the Netherlands finally granted it. 

Indonesia Independence Day History

Indonesia had remained under Dutch colonial rule for more than 300 years. And Indonesia suffered greatly during this rule, and that’s why they had to fight a long and struggling battle for their Independence against the Dutch government. 

The proclamation of the Independence was signed on August 17th, 1945, and the reading of the text, Soekarno, marked it, and Mohammed Hatta accompanied him. And this moment was so historic as it marked the end of colonialism in Indonesia. And it was made a national holiday by the government decree in 1946.

The Netherlands occupied Indonesia for a long. Still, the major independence struggle against the Dutch colonizers started to take shape during the 1920s as earlier all of the attempts for Independence were brutally crushed by the Dutch. But finally, in 1918, the Dutch authorities in the Dutch East Indies made a mild reform and allowed the establishment of a party-elected People’s council called the Volksraad. 

However, it was more of a show-off as the Dutch refused to share any power with Indonesians regarding the country’s decision-making. Thus, the fight continued, and even it went underground as many heroes of Indonesian Independence took a violent path, and the diplomatic wasn’t making any progress. 

However, the real changing moment was in 1942 when the Japanese occupied Indonesia and kicked the Dutch out. However, they treated Indonesians poorly but withdrew in 1945 when they lost in WW2. And thus, the Indonesians declared Independence; however, Dutch refused to accept it, and hence a four-year-long freedom struggle continued, and finally, the Indonesians were successful in defeating Dutch. 

Indonesia Independence Day Significance

Indonesian Independence Day is a day of pride for all Indonesians as this reminds them of the firm will and determination shown by the Indonesians against their colonizers, and the braveness they have shown even during tough times and opposite conditions commendable. 

And it also works as a memorial day for all the Indonesians to remember all the sacrifices made by their ancestors in achieving the goal of freedom and reminds them of all the torture and atrocities committed against them by their colonizers. 

Hence this day, in that way, also encourages all Indonesians always to stay together and firm despite their differences. Indonesia is a very diverse and extensive country, so it is essential to stay strong and together to avoid anything like that in future. 

Otherwise, just like other Nation days across the world, it is a day of pride and glory for Indonesia, and that’s why all the Indonesians come together on this day to celebrate their nation. 

Indonesia Independence Day Celebrations

A flag ceremony is held at the State Palace annually to celebrate this essential history. The event is chaired by the President of Indonesia, who also acts as the inspector of the ceremony. Although the main ceremony of Independence Day is held here, it is not the only where the ceremonial celebrations are held as they are held at various schools, government offices, and public places throughout the country. 

Indonesians also usually hold various competitions in their neighbourhoods on this day which include things such as cracker eating, panjat pinang and sack racing. This competition tries to build mutual trust between all the people and teaches them the importance of cooperation to establish a close relationship between the communities. 

Throughout Indonesia, the preparations for the festival begin three weeks before only. And all the buildings are decorated with white and red banners to match the colour of the Indonesian flag. Regarding the flags, the Constitution of Indonesia also recommends all Indonesians wave this flag on Independence Day at schools, offices, homes and public places. 

The Indonesian national television station broadcast the National Independence Day ceremony live from the State Palace in Jakarta. In which we see a military procession follows, the orchestra is also performed during this which gives musical performances of patriotic and traditional songs. Then, at last, the flag lowering ceremony takes place. 

Most Searched FAQs on Indonesia Independence Day

1. When is Indonesia Independence Day celebrated? 

Indonesia Independence Day is celebrated annually on August 17th. 

2. From whom did Indonesia get its Independence? 

Indonesia got its Independence from the Netherlands. 

3. Who first came to Indonesia? 

The earliest settlers in Indonesia were mainly the Austronesian people, who are believed to be migrated from Taiwan during 5000 B.C.

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