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Kansas Day

Kansas Day

Kansas Day is celebrated every January 29 and commemorates Kansas State’s admission as the 34th member of the United States in 1861. The State of Kansas has great resources that make her stand out. The first Kansas Day was celebrated on January 29, 1877, and one of the ways the citizens observe this Day is by telling the history of the land to younger folks or taking schoolchildren to the Capitol in Topeka to relish the beauty of the State. Kansas Day is exclusively celebrated in Kansas State in the U.S.

History of Kansas Day

The United States became a sovereign republic of 50 states on July 4, 1776, when people from 13 colonies united and agreed to the United States Declaration of Independence. After the 13 colonies were admitted into the union, 37 other states were also admitted at various historical dates. Kansas State was one of the 37 states that joined the U.S. on January 29, 1861.
Kansas Day is about commemorating Kansas’s admission as the 34th State into the union, which is observed on January 29 every year. The origin of Kansas Day dates back to 1877 when 15 to 20 schoolchildren first celebrated it in Paola, Kansas. These students were studying the history of the United States on January 8, 1877. Their interest sparked when they began learning about the Battle of New Orleans, and as a result, these youngsters felt intense patriotism toward their State.
With their newfound obsession, these students’ interest in learning more about their State soon spread to other students. The afternoon of January 29, 1877, was picked so the class could spend the Day learning everything about Kansas State, from its history to landmarks, geographical peculiarities, and natural resources.
Eventually, the teacher of the students at the time, Alexander LeGrande Copley, took the celebration of this special Day with him to Wichita, Kansas, when he became the superintendent of schools. Today, the annual celebrations of Kansas Day often include field trips and special school projects to study the history of Kansas — touring the Kansas Statehouse and the Capitol in Topeka, performing the Kansas State Song, and the governor of Kansas making proclamations.

Kansas Day Timeline

The Kansas-Nebraska Act
The establishment of the Kansas Territory and Nebraska Territory opens the areas for settlement by the whites.

Admission to Kansas State
Kansas is admitted as the 34th State in the United States of America.

The Grasshopper State
The State of Kansas is nicknamed ‘the grasshopper state’ due to its being ravaged by the grasshopper plague.

The First Celebration
Schoolchildren in the city of Paola first celebrate Kansas Day.

Kansas Day Faqs

Why is there a Kansas Day?
Kansas Day, which takes place every January 29, commemorates the admission of Kansas State as the 34th State in the United States of America. Some interesting ways this anniversary can be commemorated in schools is by taking a tour of the Capitol at Topeka to learn more about the history of the State.
How old is the State of Kansas?
The territory the State of Kansas occupies today was organized from Missouri Territory on May 30, 1854. Kansas was admitted into the union as the 34th State on January 29, 1861. That makes it 161 years since it became a state.
What is Kansas known for?
Kansas State in the U.S. is nicknamed the ‘Sunflower State’ and is also known as the Wheat State. Being a region of plains and prairie, Kansas State is the breadbasket of the U.S., as it is the highest wheat-producing State in the union. Besides these points, Kansas is rich and blessed with many other things.

Kansas Day Activities

Tour the historic sites and museums
An amazing way to celebrate Kansas day is to tour the historic sites in the State of Kansas. The Capitol in Topeka is one of the best places to visit to get a glimpse of the celebration.
Read the history
Reading about the history of Kansas State and how it came to be, the founding fathers, notable Kansas, and the memorable moments in history is another exciting way to celebrate the Day. Visit a library or browse the internet to learn more about this historic State.
Teach the history of Kansas Day
Younger folks and schoolchildren in Kansas and all over the United States must be taught Kansas’s history to appreciate its heritage. We encourage you to celebrate this Day by teaching someone the history of Kansas Day.

5 Fun Facts About Kansas

Native Americans named Kansas.
The name ‘Kansas’ originates from a Sioux word meaning ‘people of the south wind,’ as given by Northern Americans,
Sunflower showdown basketball game
As a way of celebrating the State’s history, a basketball game is occasionally played between the Kansas State Wildcats and the Kansas Jayhawks on or around Kansas Day.
There’s a lot of wheat.
Kansas State is famous for being the largest wheat-producing State in the U.S.
President Dwight Eisenhower
The 34th President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, hails from the 34th State to be admitted into Kansas Union.
North American Datum
The geodetic center of North America is located in Meade Ranch in Osborne County, Kansas State.

Why We Love Kansas Day

History and heritage of Kansas
Kansas Day causes us to appreciate the history of the battle and the conquest of the State of Kansas. If you want to know more about the highest wheat producer in the United States, then Kansas Day should mean something.
A tour of the State of Kansas offers tourists endless opportunities to see different kinds of wildlife in their natural habitat. A visit to Kansas promises to be an unforgettable experience, and we are excited that many are taking that step to see somewhere new.
Also named the Sunflower State, Kansas has fields of sunflowers blooming every late summer. This scene of sunflowers makes for a perfect backdrop for any photo.

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