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Lovely Messages For Making Your Beloved/Girlfriend Smile

Lovely Messages for making your Beloved/Girlfriend Smile

My soul is yours, and I wish nothing more than to spend my life with you. I’m in awe of you, my simply adore.

Since I have you by my bottom, I feel like the blessed person on earth. Your compassion means the world to me, my sweetheart.

There was nothing in my world but darkness and emptiness at the time. In contrast, once I encountered you, it was as if the divas in the night sky had magically appeared above me. You have my utmost affection!

Simply telling someone you care about them by telling, “I love you,” a few times a day isn’t sufficient. I can’t survive without you because you’re my one true love.

You’ve brought me so many more graces than I could have imagined, and that makes me happy as a clam.

The best part of my day is spending time with you. I’m so in love with you.

Seeing you makes me swoon with you over and over again. You’ve got a special touch. My curviness, please just keep my spirit secure in your mystic folder.

To honour you, I’m devoting every piece of music in the universe. You’re befitting of it. I looooove you, my sweetheart.

I’d dedicate my entire life embracing you if I had it all to myself, as from beginning of moment to the final moment.

If you want a partner who will stick by you through the struggles of life, it’s difficult to identify. Although I think that no matter what comes, you will always love me, I consider myself extremely fortunate to want you in my existence.

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