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Make a Difference Day

Make a Difference Day

Make a Difference Day is annually on the fourth Saturday of October, on October 22 this year. So the answer is yes if you have ever wondered if your actions can make a difference. And if you have wondered where to start, the answer is Make a Difference Day. We come together to volunteer, raise funds, offer support, and learn about the most urgent needs of our society. You don’t have to join an N.G.O. or travel to another country — you can start by cleaning N.G.O.wn backyard (literally and figuratively) because volunteering is all about becoming the change you wish to see in the world.

History of Make a Difference Day

So many people think that their lone efforts will never make a difference. But we are here to tell you they do. Make a Difference Day makes a case for the power of individual contribution to the greater good.
Make a Difference Day was created by “U.S.A. Weekend” magazine in 1992 to offer community support and encU.S.A.age volunteerism across the country. Points of Light, a non-profit organization founded by former U.S. President George H. W. Bush, is the official co-sponsor of U.S. a Difference Day. Since its inception, Make a Difference Day has echoed in 30 countries and inspired over 30 million volunteer hours.

For decades, “U.S.A. Weekend” served as the central location for interested volunU.S.A.rs to gather information about volunteering for Make a Difference Day. This service has now been taken over by “U.S.A. Today”.

From gathering stuffed toys for firefighters to orgaU.S.A.ing a nationwide relief effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Make a Difference Day has offered instrumental humanitarian aid to the country.

Make a Difference Day's Timeline

The Birth of “U.S.A. Weekend”
Gannett Company launches “U.S.A. Weekend”, a sister puU.S.A.cation to “U.S.A. Today”.

The RisU.S.A.n Readership
“U.S.A. Weekend” experiencU.S.A.a readership bump with over 12.8 millioU.S.A.rinted editions.

Make a Difference
“U.S.A. Weekend” announces the fourth Saturday of every October as MU.S.A. a Difference Day.

The Shutdown
Gannett Company announces the shutdown of “U.S.A. Weekend”, and “U.S.A. Today” takes over as the official sponsorU.S.A. Make a DifferenU.S.A.Day.

Make a Difference Day Faqs

How can I make a difference?
You can make a difference by volunteering at your local community centre, raising funds for charity, advocating for a fairer society, and sharing a smile with a stranger.
What is skills-based volunteering?
Skills-based volunteering is using your abilities, networks, and specific talents to complete a task. It is a pro bono commitment for the contribution of your learned skills.
Do we have to register ourselves with Make a Difference Day?
Points of Light, a leading co-sponsor of Make a Difference Day, gives grants to humanitarians every year. You can register yourself at www.makeadifferenceday.com for a chance to win a $10,000 grant for a project of your choice.

How To Celebrate Make a Difference Day

Be vocal for local
A good rule of thumb for volunteering is to start from where you are. Places like local community centres, municipal offices, public hospitality, or nursing homes can always use an extra set of hands. This Make a Difference Day, don’t just donate your labour; raise awareness about the critical needs of your community as well.
Organize a fundraiser
Have a cause you are passionate about? Organize a fundraiser and encourage the people in your community to become your fellow patrons. Every penny counts, so ensure you invite as many people as possible.
Run a social media campaign
A week before the big day, plan a social media campaign and post updates under the hashtag #MakeaDifferenceDay. Running a campaign in advance can prepare the people in your life to take action on Make a Difference Day.

5 Facts About Volunteering That'll Blow Your Mind

It’s about the endorphins.
Multiple studies have concluded that a single act of volunteering can help people lead happier lives.
College students love to volunteer.
The hottest demographic of volunteers falls in the 18-24-year-old college student category.
Girls trump boys
Historically, the female gender has been more active in volunteering projects than the males.
Peer pressure works, so keep it up.
40% of all volunteers rise to the occasion after being convinced by a friend or loved one.
It’s a cure for the lonely heart.
As per a survey, most people confessed that they took up volunteering to be a part of a team.

Why We Love, Make a Difference Day

It recognizes global volunteering efforts.
Make a Difference Day is credited for inspiring the volunteering of 30 million working hours, which nets over $635 million in productive human value. On the fourth Saturday of October, you get a chance to add your labour to these numbers.
It raises awareness
We need as many hands on deck as possible to fight the monster of poverty and other forms of discrimination. Make a Difference day raises awareness about local and global charity and fundraising efforts that anyone can participate in.
It reminds us of our privilege.
Being in a position to help others is, indeed, a great privilege. Make a Difference Day strives to change the narrative that volunteering is an obligation when it is an honour and a privilege.

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