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Naga Panchami


When Is Naag Panchami?

Nag Panchami is observed in Shravana Masa on the Panchami of Shukla Paksha. The celebration, which is observed with enthusiasm and devotion, will take place this year on August 2. Glorifying Lord Shiva, the serpent-wielding deity, on this day is lucky.

History Of Naga Panchami

Naga Panchami Is An Event That Celebrates Hinduism As Well As Ancient Indian Religious Traditions. Panchami Alludes To The Fifth Day Of The Hindu Feast, While Naga Relates To A Grouping Of Snake Gods In Medieval Indian Mythology. The Mythological Nagas Seem To Have Been Semi-Divine Entities Supposed To Be The Descendants Of Kadru, Rishi Kashyapa’s Wife. Even Though They Reside And Reign Beneath The Ground, The Nagas Were Said To Wander The World Donning Diamonds And Jewelry. SNAKE Worshipping Was Formerly Quite Common In India And Remained A Major Aspect Of Traditional Religious Practices In Certain Areas. Several Of The Snake Gods Were Adopted Into Hindu Value Systems When Naga Heritage Was Assimilated Into Hinduism.

Naga Panchami, An Event Honoring Serpent Deities, Stretches Back To Quite An Antiquity. It Is A Time For Praying And Honoring Cobras, As Nagas Were Frequently Portrayed As Cobras With Expanded Crowns. If Cobras Are Not Accessible, Gigantic Fabric Portraits Of Serpents, As Well As Snakes Formed Of Metals, Rock, And Clay, Are Manufactured And Publicly Displayed. Snake Gods Are Also Commonly Portrayed On Walls. Devotees Bring Milk, Flowers, And Cash To The Snake Charmers Who Congregate In Towns For The Event. Drilling In The Ground Is Banned On The Day That Snakes Reside Beneath.

The Prominence Of Nag Panchami

The Deity Of The Fifth Date, As Per Astrology, Is Indeed The Snake. Since Sharav Maas Celebrates Naag Panchami, No Mud Is Dug Up During This Month. Fieldwork And Foundation Drilling Should Not Be Done On Nag Panchami Since Snakes Are Thought To Have An Underground Abode. The Snake God Can Be Harmed By Land Digging.

Methods To Do Fast

The Way To Fast On Nag Panchami
Naag Panchami Is Also Observed On The Panchami Tithi Of Krishan Paksha In Several Regions Of The Country. Fasting Is Observed On The Eve Of Naag Panchami To Please The Serpent God. Just After The Sun Has Set And The Entire Day Has Been Spent Fasting, Kheer Is Made As A Gift To God’s Serpent, Which Is Worshipped During This Fasting. The Kheer Is First Presented To Lord Shiva Or The God Snake Before Being Consumed By Anyone As A Prashad (A Treat From God). Consuming Salt And Fried Foods Are Not Permitted During This Fast. All Guidelines Must Be Followed Carefully.

How To Perform Naga Puja At Home?

1. First, Use Water Or Gangajal To Purify Your Pooja Space.

2. Get A Chaupai And Wrap It In Some New Fabric.

3. The Snake God’s Idol Or Image Should Then Be Placed Atop The Chaupai.

4. A Candle Should Be Lit In Front Of The Idol.

5. You Must Now Swear To Carry Out The Pooja With Honest Dedication.

6. Put Akshat, Kumkum, And Haldi Chandan On The Idol Or Portrait After Sprinkling It With Water And Milk.

7. After That, Present Dhoop, Flowers, And Naivedya.

8. Now, If You Made Any Mistakes While Doing The Pooja, Beg For Forgiveness.

9. To Complete The Pooja, Bow Before The God And Ask For His Blessings.

How To Perform Naga Puja At Home?

We Do Wish You Have Understood The Significance Of NagPanchami. Enjoy Nag Panchami According To The Proper Rites While Working To Protect The Serpent And Other Vulnerable Creatures. My Pleasure And Family Protection Come To You When You Pray To Lord Shiva And Nag Dev.

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