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Nagasaki Day 2022

Nagasaki Day

9th August 2022 marks the 77th year since the brutal bombings in southern Japan. Though it’s not a happy event to be celebrated yearly, the day is remembered to empathize and offer solitude to those who braved the attacks.

9th August every year is celebrated as a black day in Japan because many years ago, in 1945, during World War II, the US dropped atomic bombs on the city of Nagasaki. This comes after two days when Hiroshima faced a similar fate on 6th August 1945.
A nuclear attack was first and last seen in these two cities that wiped out generations from the place and caused widespread destruction to both human lives and property. This day every year is celebrated as a memory of those lives lost in the nuclear attack and to further send a message of peaceful co-existence to fellow nations.
Every year, Japan’s citizens spread the message of peace and co-existence in a world living in the shadows of nuclear warfare and proliferation. Japan organizes many peace campaigns as part of the day. Meetings, conferences, reviews and proposals would be discussed at high levels and agreements drawn to make the world a peaceful habitat to live in.

History of Nagasaki Day

During World War II, it became impossible to convince the Japanese war council to set surrender even after the Hiroshima attack. This led the US to drop another bomb on Nagasaki. The bomb was named Fat Man and dropped in the city around 11.02 AM on 9th August 1945.

This nuclear attack on the city of Nagasaki left more than 65,000 people dead. Correct estimates could not be drawn as the impact on the city was so powerful that many bodies were disintegrated and scattered beyond recognition. The bomb weighed almost 10,000 pounds, but the city contained the destruction due by the surrounding mountains.

Nagasaki was an industrial, thriving city in those days. The population of Nagasaki was 2/3rd of the total number of people inhabiting Hiroshima. In those days, Japan held numerous cross-country military operations in China, Asia’s southeastern and southwest Pacific regions. So for the transportation of military troops through ships, this was a very significant city.

A B29 American bomber dropped the bomb at 1650 feet above the city. Soon after the destruction caused by the bombing, the then emperor Hirohito surrendered his forces, thus bringing an end to a long waging war. Now let us understand why Nagasaki was chosen as the epicentre for bombing right after the nuclear attack on Hiroshima.

Nagasaki Day 2022 Significance

Nagasaki Day is a grim reminder to humanity about the many consequences and destruction that nuclear warfare created. More than the death count of 80,000, what was more deafening and painting to contain was the after-effects of the atomic action passed on to generations.

Many lives that survived the attack have suffered physical and mental diseases that cannot be treated or left a scar permanently. The impact of the bombing was so intense that it caused genetic mutations in the lives of humans and animals.

The radiations have altered the psychological well-being of generations together. Victims who survived the attack said they could witness bodies being charred and beyond recognizable conditions.

Aftermaths of the Nagasaki Bombing

Different forms of cancer were blatant amongst many survivors. Though the world rose above the ill effects that brought widespread devastation that day, the victims at the epicenter faced more damage than others. Among others, cancer of the breast, lungs, and thyroid was commonly spread among many.

Unfortunately, pregnant women at the blasts had to experience a miscarriage or give birth to children with congenital disabilities. These children were subjected to impairments and disabilities for an entire lifetime, increasing their chances of developing cancer.

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