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National Bacon Day

National Bacon Day

Gather around the frying pan because National Bacon Day is December 30, and it’s enough to make any bacon-lover squeal. Just saying the word makes us hungry. It’s an incredibly versatile food. You can eat it on a burger if you’re ready for a major calorie-fest. Or, you can crumble it over a salad if you’re trying to be kind of healthy (but let’s be honest, nothing is healthy with bacon on it). You can make it the show’s star by pairing it with eggs. No matter what you do, bacon is greasy, delicious, and the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen strip. If you, too, want to climb a tall building and scream at the top of your lungs, “I love bacon,” then please join us in celebrating National Bacon Day on December 30

History of National Bacon Day

Though the holiday was created in 1997 as a way to take a break from celebrating the traditional winter holidays, pork consumption dates back thousands of years to 4900 B.C. when the Chinese domesticated pigs and preserved pork bellies with salt. This practice is believed to have made its way to the Romans and Greeks through conquests in the Middle East and, by 1500 B.C., had largely impacted the production and preservation of pork in the Roman Empire. Ancient Roman’s early form of bacon, or “potato,” was pig shoulder broiled with dried figs, browned and served with wine.
The word “bacon” can be traced back to various languages before the 12th Century. Most notably from the French word “bako,” the Germanic “back”, and the Old Teutonic word “back,” all of which specifically refer to the rear of the pig. During the 16th Century, the word “bacon” was used to refer to pork. And it wasn’t until the 17th Century that “bacon” was used solely to refer to the salted and smoked pork belly that we know today.
Considering how easy and cheap it was to own pigs, it’s no wonder during Medieval Times; the bacon was very common among Anglo-Saxon peasants. Each family and butcher had their recipe for curing and smoking bacon. The sheer variety of bacon, sausage, and black pudding that you could buy in Victorian England created an almost golden age of pork.
The popular phrase “bring home the bacon” can be traced to the 12 century in the English town of Dunmow. The church promised to reward a side of bacon to any married man who swore before God and the congregation that he would not quarrel with his wife for a year and a day.

National Bacon Day Timeline

Pigs on the Island
Christopher Columbus brings eight pigs to Cuba at the insistence of Queen Isabella.

American Pigs
Hernando de Soto brought 13 pigs to Tampa Bay.

Pig Business
John Harris sets up the first large-scale bacon-curing business.

Pig Industry
Oscar Mayer was established in the United States.

Pig Impact
Hardees is one of the first fast-food companies to add bacon to their sandwich.

National Bacon Day Traditions

The good news is the main tradition for National Bacon Day is eating heaps of bacon. Yep, it doesn’t get much better than that. It’s also the last chance of the year for those who work in food marketing to lure you in with tasty deals so keep your eyes peeled on social media, as there will likely be some bacon deals available.

By The Numbers

70% — the percentage of all bacon in the U.S. that’s eaten for breakfast.
Two billion pounds — the amount of bacon produced yearly in the U.S.
1500 B.C. — the period to which bacon dates back.
The 1980s — the decade when bacon became less popular due to its saturated fat content.
50% — the percentage of fat found in bacon that is monounsaturated.
Thirty-seven grams — the amount of animal protein in bacon.

National Bacon Day Faqs

What is Canadian Bacon Day?
Canadians celebrate their own Bacon Day on March 3 every year.
What is the meaning of Bacon Day?
National Bacon Day celebrates cured meat made from pig meat.
Who Invented National Bacon Day?
National Bacon Day was invented by Danya’ D’ Goodman and Meff Leonard in 1997 to bring together people who love bacon.

National Bacon Day Activities

Order bacon pizza
It’s time to switch things up and get outside of your box. Live life on the wild side and swap your normal pepperoni and sausage pizza order. The delivery man is judging you, and frankly, we are too. To earn our respect, you have to order a pizza with crispy, mouth-watering bacon as a topping. You’ll thank us later — if you’re not thanking us now for thinking of this awesome idea.
Buy some bacon-covered doughnuts.
We get it — it sounds wrong. We were once among the unbelievers too. But if maple bacon doughnuts are wrong, we don’t want to be right! You can thank the Swirls bakery in Nebraska for starting the trend. They first conceptualized the doughnut and called it the “Elvis.” Later, it was picked up by Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco, and more. So live on the edge and try this trendy delicacy! Again, you’ll thank us later.
Eat bacon-wrapped hot dogs.
You’re probably asking yourself how things could get any better. I mean, we just introduced you to maple bacon doughnuts! However, we’re about to outdo ourselves. Get ready for bacon-wrapped hot dogs! You’ve probably seen these beautiful concoctions before (we’re guessing they were selling them outside of that concert you attended this summer). But we’re willing to bet you’ve never tried them — and you’re missing out! You’ll be hooked after your first bite. And guess what? You’ll want to thank us for the third time.

5 Tasty Bacon Facts

It Helped During WWII
During WWII, the U.S. government urged citizens to donate their excess bacon fat to the army. The fat was used to make bombs.
18 Pounds of Goodness
The average American consumes 18 pounds of bacon a year.
Bacon Blessed
There is a church in Las Vegas called “The United Church of Bacon”, which is exactly what it sounds like.
Bacon Camp
The exact antithesis of fat camp, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you can go to a camp with activities entirely curated around bacon.
One Small Bite for Man
Bacon was included in the first meal eaten on the moon.

Why We Love National Bacon Day

It’s amazing
Check your pulse if you don’t believe us — you’re a zombie masquerading as a real person. Why do we like it so much? It complements everything it comes in touch with, whether it’s spicing up a boring salad or taking doughnuts to the next level. They say Midas has the golden touch, but we beg to differ.
It’s convenient
Look, there’s never enough time in one day. Between our jobs, errands, and friends, we’re always struggling to find time to cook. However, if you want bacon as a meal, that’s not a problem. All you need to do is heat a pan and pour in some oil. Your bacon will be ready in minutes, and the gnarly hunger monster inside of you will be sated. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!
It has superpowers
Bacon contains a nutrient (we know, we’re surprised too) called “choline.” It’s been known to increase intelligence and memory, fight Alzheimer’s Disease, and protect the heart from developing lethal problems. We never thought our favourite food could get any better, but then we learn about its health benefits. Thank you, bacon; you’re the gift that keeps on giving.

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