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National Bubble Bath Day

National Bubble Bath Day

National Bubble Bath Day

Dust off your rubber ducky this winter because it’s National Bubble Bath Day on January 8! Many of us remember bubble baths from our childhoods, and if you’ve never had a bubble bath before, this is a holiday you should try out. The soapy bubbles of these foaming baths are luxurious and ideal for pampering yourself after a hard day. There’s nothing quite like slipping into the hot water of a bubble bath for a nice relaxing soak in the tub. But let’s be honest —when was the last time you had a bubble bath? Most of us hop into the shower in the morning and zip off to start our day. We barely even take the time to eat breakfast, let alone spend an hour sitting in the tub, getting prune fingers. Showers may be convenient, quick, and easy. Still, you can’t relax as well standing up, and everybody deserves a little me-time now and then. A hot bubble bath will relax your muscles, refresh your skin, and help with any congestion you might have. It will even clean your bathtub! So for National Bubble Bath Day, join us in celebrating the healthful benefits and all-out luxury of these sudsy soaks.

National Bubble Bath Day Timeline

Soap Opera
With the introduction of surfactants, bath foams become popular, as seen in the famous play “The Women.”

Splish Splash
The jacuzzi was invented, making aerated baths for therapeutic use widespread.

Fun Time for Kids
Mr. Bubble is created using powdered bath flakes, making bubble baths affordable.

September 10, 1999
No Bubbles for Buttercup
In a Power puff Girls episode, Buttercup refuses to take a bubble bath.

National Bubble Bath Day Activities

  1. Give a friend some bubble bath
  2. Many of us have trouble indulging in things like bubble baths. But when you receive a bottle of bubble bath as a gift, you’re more likely to let yourself enjoy the experience. Help spread the love of bubble baths by presenting a friend with a reason to get in the tub. To spread the love further, give bottles of bubble baths to multiple friends, or make gift baskets with an assortment of bubble baths, facial masks, and body scrubs.
  3. Host a bath product exchange
  4. Everybody has different product preferences, and bubble baths are no exception. A scent that makes you feel pampered and relaxed might be enough to give someone else a headache. There are countless bath and body products out there, and it can be hard to shop with confidence. For National Bubble Bath Day, invite your friends and ask them to bring a bottle of their favourite bubble bath to exchange with someone else. Your guests can try out their new bottles at home, and you could even host a second party to share your experiences.
  5. Take a bubble bath yourself
  6. Phew! Whatever you squeeze into National Bubble Bath Day, make sure to make some time to take your bubble bath. The foaming bubbles insulate the surface of your bath, giving you longer than usual to soak in hot water. The steamy air makes breathing easier, and the scented soap rewards you for breathing deep. Relaxation is crucial for letting stress leave your body, and you’ll feel great for giving yourself the care you deserve.

Why We Love National Bubble Bath Day

  1. They are so relaxing
  2. Something magical happens when you decide to take a bubble bath. As soon as your inner task manager approves of the activity, your mind starts to relax. This allows your body to relax, and you haven’t even hit the tub yet! As you watch the bubbles form and smell the soap in the air, the day’s stress dissolves just in time for you to step into that foamy water and let the heat work its way into your bones.
  3. Kids have a blast
  4. Bath time isn’t always alone time; parents often find themselves beside the tub rather than in it. Kids might not relax in the bath as adults would, but they still love the whole bubble bath experience. Sure, it can get messy, but what fun activity doesn’t get messy when kids are involved? From hiding beneath the bubbles to scooping up foam in their hands and flinging it around, kids can make bubble baths fun for the whole family.
  5. You have a reason for a bubble bath!
  6. Whatever your latest experience with bubble baths, National Bubble Bath Day is the perfect excuse to bust out that bottle of soap and get celebrated. Kids might ask for more than their fair share of bubble baths. Still, as adults, we tend to prefer time-saving showers and lose that sense of appreciation for the present moment. This holiday calls for us to take an hour out of our day to tuck away our phones and our worries, relax, and enjoy a luxury we often take for granted.

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