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National Daisy Day

National Daisy Day

Just because daisies are a common flower doesn’t mean they aren’t special. Daisies are native to Northern Europe but can be found in North America, Australia, Africa, South America, Iceland, and Greenland. The word daisy comes from the Old English language, “day’s eye,” because its petals blossom at dawn and shut at dusk. What is considered a nuisance member of the weed family can also be used to supplement gardens and yards? Celebrate the tenaciously beautiful daisy every year on January 28.

National Daisy Day Timeline

2200 B.C.
Picking the First Daisies
Ancient Egyptians grew daisies in their temple gardens and used them for herbal and medicinal purposes.

Daisies Get Classified
The botanist Paul Dietrich Giseke records daisies as part of the composite family.

March 12, 1912
A Historic ‘Daisy’ Founds GSA
Juliette Gordon Low, AKA ‘Daisy,’ holds the first Girl Scouts of America meeting in Georgia, with 18 girls participating.

September 7, 1964
President Lyndon Johnson Capitalizes on Daisies
This iconic ad that helps Johnson clinch the election begins with a three-year-old girl picking daisies in an open field and ends with a nuclear explosion.

National Daisy Day Activities

Dye Your Daisies
Although daisies have white petals and a yellow center, you can easily turn a bunch of daisies into a colorful bouquet using water and color dye.
Make a Daisy Crown
A great prop for a photo shoot, video shoot, or outfit, a daisy crown is also easy to make. You can tie the stems into a circle to fit above your head or glue the flower heads to a thin piece of twine.
Pick A Daisy
Venture into nature or your local park and find some daisies to bring home. Liven up your living room with a fresh vase full of sunshine.

Why We Love National Daisy Day

They’re the prettiest weed of the bunch.
Daisies grow naturally in the wild, and as part of the weed family, they can be considered a nuisance. But because they are perennial flowers and don’t need much attention, they make a great addition to a flower pot or garden.
Daisies by Other Names Smell As Sweet
In its home country of England, the daisy is also called a bruisewort. As an old-time holistic remedy, the daisies’ crushed leaves were used to soothe bruised and blemished skin. They’re pretty AND useful!
Daisies Symbolize Youth and Innocence
Daisies symbolize youth and innocence and are often associated with children.

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