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National Drummer Day

National Drummer Day

Drummers are truly talented humans, one of the many reasons they’ve earned National Drummer Day on November 15. Drummers are so coordinated they can do something different with each limb and make it all sound perfectly synced. How? Studies show that drummers’ brains are wired differently than us mere mortals, giving them enhanced problem-solving abilities and an entirely different way of looking at the world.

History of National Drummer Day

Even though the first drums were made out of alligator skin and clay pots (such as dapper drums for 5050 BC), the art of drumming extends well beyond humans. Macaque monkeys will drum on objects rhythmically to show social dominance. Some rodents will also express communication by drumming their paws on the ground. Additionally, how animals process this syncopated sound is similar to us, leading many scientists to believe that drumming pre-dates humans in our global evolutionary timeline as a way of communication.
So by practicing drumming, you’re practicing something that is – most likely – older than humanity.
Additionally, the drum’s basic shape and build have been unchanged for thousands of years. The difference between Rush’s massive drum kit and the alligator skin drums found in China in 5050 BC may seem huge initially, but they are rather small in the grand scheme. Drums are drums – and playing them turns anyone holding a beat into a living link to the past.
While technologies evolve and electric kits fashionably fall in and out of style, drumming’s importance to how we express emotion and communicate is still as strong as before we ever figured out how to build one.

National Drummer Day Timeline

5050 BC
Drums first appeared
Drums have been around since humans learned to keep rhythm, and drums dating back to ancient China prove it.

The drumstick was first invented
Though earlier drumsticks may have existed, the first recorded ones go back to 1300 and are made of wood.

The drum pedal was invented
The Ludwig Drum Company introduced the first drum pedal.

“Wipe Out” was released
The classic Surfaris song, an instrumental with a memorable drum solo, spent four months on the Billboard charts.

Roland releases TD-10 model
Lesser-quality electric drums have been around since the 1970s, but the most famous and best-quality electric drum set is arguably the Roland TD-10, released in 1997.

National Drummer Day Faqs

How do I celebrate National Drummer Day?
There are many ways to celebrate National Drummer Day, the best way being to play the drums!

When is National Drummer Day?
National Drummer Day is every year on November 15. Ask a drummer the same question, and they may point to any or all of the other 364 days in the year, though.

What is National Drummer Day?
National Drummer Day is a celebration of all drummers and everything to do with drumming! What’s not to love about that?

National Drummer Day Activities

  1. Bang on the drums all-day
  2. Drumming is good for you! It burns more calories than many other forms of exercise, enhances happiness, lowers stress hormones, and increases your pain threshold. Hit it!
  3. Play with your favorite drummer
  4. Playing to a drummer’s beat has increased group cooperation, possibly because everyone is experiencing the effects of the drummer’s high. Besides, it’s fun and sounds so sweet to everyone listening.
  5. Bask in a classic drum solo
  6. In the 1970s and ’80s, the rock ‘n’ roll drum solo was king. So break out your vinyl and listen to some classic solos. Some suggestions: “Moby Dick” by Led Zeppelin, “Tom Sawyer” by Rush, “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins, and “Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen.

5 Reasons Drummers Are Totally "extra."

  1. The world’s oldest professional musician is a female drummer.
  2. ​She’s 105, Viola Smith, and she can still rock with the best of them.
  3. ​The longest drum roll lasted 14 hours.
  4. ​Londoner Pandit Sudarshan Das performed a continuous drum roll for 14 hours.
  5. ​The world’s largest drum kit has 813 pieces (at last count), and it took 36 years to build
  6. Developed by Dr. Mark Temperature, it takes four people, fifteen hours to set up, and an hour to hit each piece.
  7. ​Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee played a rollercoaster drum kit.
  8. ​It did a 360-degree loop-the-loop during his solo (and even got stuck upside down once during a concert).
  9. ​Wild Muppet drummer Animal was based on a famous real-life musician.
  10. ​The crazy antics of the Muppet Animal are said to be based on the late Who drummer Keith Moon.

Why We Love National Drummer Day

  1. Rhythm makes us smarter.
  2. Studies have shown that listening to beats can help increase concentration and cognitive function. Being exposed to rhythmic light and sound therapy helped university students bring up their grades, demonstrated a similar calming effect as medication, and even increased the IQ scores of children with ADD.
  3. Drums hold the beat of humankind.
  4. Drums go back to our very beginnings. They’ve been used to communicate, celebrate, signal, and entertain. The beat they provide is the very rhythm of humanity. Researchers at Harvard showed that drummers have an internal clock that moves in waves, mimicking brain waves and heart rates during sleep. Rock on!
  5. Drummers know how to keep time (and their cool)
  6. Drumming produces endorphins, creating a “drummer’s high” that increases the players’ happiness. The hypothesis is that drumming and sharing rhythms were integral to ancient societies, and we still respond to them that way.

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