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National Fun at Work Day

National Fun at Work Day

As if Fridays couldn’t get any better around the office, National Fun at Work Day falls on the last Friday of January! Whether you work for a small office or a large organization, injecting fun into the workplace is a great way to bond with coworkers, boost team morale, gain inspiration, and even increase productivity. National Fun at Work Day was created to foster happiness and humor and unite employees. So, rally your coworkers and bosses and brainstorm ways to best celebrate. From parties, potlucks, goodies, games, awards, and more, there’s no wrong way to celebrate National Fun at Work Day — you need to bring the fun!

History Of National Fun At Work Day

Boosting team morale with fun to reach a shared goal is a timeless method used by chiefs, commanders, and rulers for centuries. From inspiring speeches to motivating songs, smart leaders seek to create a fun work environment that increases efficiency. Modern methods for achieving this goal range from company retreats and team-building exercises to offsite parties and office perks.
National Fun at Work Day encourages a break from the monotony of the work day with a dose of fun within office walls — no need to plan an elaborate field trip! Not sure fun belongs in the workplace? Think again. Evidence shows that when employees are happy, organizations thrive. Specifically, happy employees are more productive, successful, and loyal than unhappy employees. Not to mention, happy employees are less stressed and take fewer sick days than their unhappy coworkers.
Regardless of your office’s culture, no one is immune from falling into a work routine, feeling stressed, or prioritizing work over relationships and other passions. National Fun at Work Day is a great opportunity to inject fun into your workplace, reconnect with coworkers, foster new relationships with team members, relax and recharge, and above all, have fun!
If you’re still worried about taking a break during the workday, you never know what ideas, inspiration, or connections will occur when you take the time to engage in office fun. National Fun at Work Day is about boosting employee happiness and promoting a better work/life balance. No matter how you spend National Fun at Work Day, the end result is worth celebrating!

National Fun At Work Day Timeline

The word “office” first appeared
Geoffrey Chaucer, an English poet, author, and philosopher, first used “office” to describe where business transactions occur in “The Canterbury Tales.”

The first office building was built
The Old Admiralty, a three-story building complete with offices, a board room, and apartments for the Lords of Admiralty, was the first of its kind.

The birth of open-plan space
Architect Frank Lloyd Wright introduced the open plan concept into office spaces when he designed the Larkin Administration Building.

Cubicles were introduced
Robert Propst invented the cubicle to make offices less confined and more efficient. However, he eventually regretted its existence.

National Fun At Workday Faqs

Why is National Fun at Work Day celebrated?
From human resources initiatives to office fun committees, workplaces are enhanced when employees bond, take breaks and find ways to be inspired. National Fun at Work Day promotes fun in the office because happy employees become better employees.
What are the benefits of fun in the workplace?
Humor and play at the office build team camaraderie, increase productivity, enhance employee satisfaction, and encourage creativity and innovation. They also create a better work environment that boosts employee loyalty.
How can I institute National Fun at Work Day at my office?
A few weeks before National Fun at Work Day, introduce your boss or human resources representative to the holiday and suggest some ideas of how the office could celebrate. When asking for their approval, share how the office will benefit from the holiday.

National Fun At Work Day Activities

  1. Create a spirited dress code
  2. Instituting a fun dress code is a great way to involve the whole office in National Fun at Work Day. Have everyone wear gear from their favorite sports team, rep their college colors, or dress casually.
  3. Organize a chili cookoff
  4. Food is always a great way to bond and have fun with coworkers. Post a signup sheet for employees who want to contribute chili; others can bring sides, refreshments, and desserts. While enjoying the potluck, have the office vote on their favorite chili, and present the winner with a prize.
  5. Play guess who trivia
  6. Get to know your coworkers better over a fun game of guess-who trivia! First, have members of the office submit interesting facts about themselves. Then, nominate someone to read out the facts while everyone writes down who they think the interesting fact belongs to. The person with the correct guesses wins a prize.

5 Facts About Employee Perks That You Didn’t Know

  1. Pay off
  2. Employers who invest in health and wellness initiatives see a 3-to-1 return in savings.
  3. Are smart
  4. Employee perks increase office attendance, productivity, and job satisfaction.
  5. Keep employees healthy
  6. Offices without a paid sick day policy are 1.5 times more likely to have employees report to work with a contagious illness than offices that provide paid sick leave.
  7. Boost the entire organization
  8. Professional sabbaticals allow employees to recharge, provide interim experience to junior employees, and stress-test an organization’s structure.
  9. Don’t have to be costly
  10. Casual Friday originates from Hawaii’s custom of Aloha Friday, which eventually spread around the globe.

Why We Love National Fun At Workday

  1. It promotes office positivity
  2. It’s easy to get caught up in work stress, which can sometimes lead to a negative and depressing work environment. But you can break this routine by celebrating National Fun at Work Day.
  3. It can help coworkers bond
  4. Companies get better results when coworkers like and respect each other. This holiday is the perfect way to encourage bonding in the workplace.
  5. It supports the “work hard, play hard” motto
  6. Sure, work is hard — sometimes it’s a pain, sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s just plain boring — but it’s important to strike a balance between working hard and having fun. National Fun at Work Day supports establishing a happy work environment.

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