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National Hangover Day

National Hangover Day

New Year’s Eve is often a time to party seriously. If you’re like many, there’s a decent chance you’re greeting the new year with one or two (or six) cocktails. Unfortunately, drinking too much can bring some rather unpleasant results. Alcohol can get pretty unfriendly 12 hours after the fact. So, if New Year’s Day turns into National Hangover Day, read on for some tips and tricks to feel better on January 1. After all, tomorrow’s a work day.

National Hangover Day Timeline

“Hangover Cookbook” published
Milton Crawford created a fun book that details ways to understand your hangover and suggests remedies to get you feeling more like yourself.

The book “On Drink” came out
Kingsley Amis, a self-professed alcoholic, published “On Drink.” In the book, Amis discusses a variety of self-researched cures for hangovers.

“Hangover cure” Fernet invented
Bernardino Branca invented an 80-proof concoction called Fernet, designed to treat various ailments, such as cholera and hangovers. Did he say 80-proof?

How To Observe National Hangover Day

Have some hangover relief remedies ready
Prepare by stocking up on essentials that will help you feel a little more like your authentic self after a night of partying. Make sure that you have them on hand with Ibuprofen, sports drinks, greasy potato chips, antacids — whatever your preferred hangover remedies are.
Host a hangover brunch
If you’re feeling ambitious, why not throw a party? After all, the cure to your hangover may be an excellent Bloody Mary.
Drink some. Pedialyte?
This wasn’t invented for hangover relief, of course, but it just might help. The drink, marketed for children, can replace nutrients and electrolytes your body might need to feel better.

4 Insane Hangover Remedies

Why are you hitting me with that?
If you wake up with a hangover in Russia, there’s a chance someone might suggest spending some time sitting in a sauna and then having a person pummel you with birch branches.
Only a “bird brain” would try this.
In Ancient Rome, a reasonably common hangover cure was to eat a fried canary.
We’ll Have Some Mint. Thank You
In the Wild West, cowboys would add rabbit poop to their tea to combat hangovers.
We’d Probably Stick With The Hangover
In Mongolia, some people choose to treat hangovers with a drink commonly referred to as a Mongolian Mary; this drink comes complete with a pickled sheep eye garnish.

Why National Hangover Day Is Important

It gives us a reason to stay in bed all day.
Let’s face it, trying to go about your daily life with a nasty hangover can be downright miserable. National Hangover Day is a perfect excuse to simply down some greasy food and nurse that pounding headache.
It makes us feel connected.
If you wake up with a hangover on January 1, you will be in good company. National Hangover Day reminds us that we’re not the only ones who may have made some poor choices the night before. Many other people are riding the “struggle bus” along with us.
It reminds us that we had fun the night before
A hangover doesn’t just come out of nowhere. If you’re suffering from a hangover, there’s a good chance you had your fair share of fun the night before. So, while dealing with a hangover may seem like a curse, it’s also a little reminder that you’re an incredible party animal.

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