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National Homemaker Day

National Homemaker Day

On November 3, National Homemaker Day, we celebrate the people who keep our households running! This day is devoted to appreciating all home labor, including cooking, buying groceries, and carrying out much-needed repairs. Whoever the homemaker is in your modern family, this is the chance to thank and celebrate the ones working hard behind the scenes!

History Of National Homemaker Day

In the United States, the person caring for the home while their partner works is called a homemaker. In our current society, this term applies to a house-spouse of any gender who works hard to keep their home in order. A homemaker can also be an adult’s parent or family member helping take care of the home and any present children. However, in the past, a homemaker would normally be the wife or matriarch of a family unit. In the 19th century, women were required to stay back and maintain the home as a peaceful environment for their husbands and children.

Though the 20th century began with many of the same homemaking ideals as the 19th, by the 1990s, more marriages consisted of men and women participating in housework. Unfortunately, according to a study by Adam Hochschild in 1989, women who made more than 50% of their income were still doing most of the housework. 

Being a homemaker in the 21st century is not a lifetime commitment like in the 1800s. Someone who stays at home now may want to return to the workforce later, while their partner will either continue working or decide to switch places and take over the housework duties. Currently, more men are contributing to housework and are even the main homemakers, opting to stay at home while their wives or husbands are the primary breadwinners. Though the number of female house spouses still outweighs their male counterparts, the gap between the two is steadily closing as people abandon traditional gender norms for approaches that fit their lifestyles. 

National Homemaker Day Timeline

May 2, 1885
A Magazine Launches
The first issue of Good Housekeeping launches, hoping “to produce and perpetuate perfection as may be obtained in the household.”

December 28, 1886
The First Dishwasher
Josephine Cochran invents the first useful dishwasher in Shelbyville, Illinois.

February 19, 1963
Housework Politicized
‘The Feminine Mystique was published, sparking a second wave of feminism in the United States.

July 19, 2007
Mad Men
The TV show about 1950s advertising highlights the woes of homemaker Betty Draper.

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National Homemaker Day Faqs

Is there a National Husband’s Day?
Husband Appreciation Day occurs annually on April 20 to celebrate the love and friendship a husband shares with his spouse.

What day is your wife’s day?
Wife Appreciation Day is celebrated worldwide on September 15 to show gratitude for all the care and support wives offer their partners.

Is homemaker considered an occupation?
Unfortunately, there is yet to be a concrete answer to whether or not a homemaker is considered an occupation, as some places may count it as such and others will not. However, even though it does not offer pay, being a homemaker requires the same (if not more) amount of time and dedication as a full-time job.

National Homemaker Day Activities

  1. Do the work
  2. There’s no better way to show appreciation for the homemaker in your life than by taking on some of the labor they do daily. Take a day off and do the dishes, wash the windows, make the beds, cook dinner, groom the pets, and sweep the yard.
  3. Pay someone else to do the work
  4. If you don’t have the time to do all the chores but still want to recognize the homemaker in your life, then this is the day to pay a cleaner to come in and do it or hire a chef for the evening. You can advertise on a chores website for somebody willing to do this kind of thing, but be sure to thank them and pay them well!
  5. Treat your homemaker to a day of rest
  6. Spa days, relaxation times, flotation tanks, mani-pedis, the drill. Thank your homemaker by treating them to a nice experience, maybe while you’re at home doing the jobs they tend to do.

Why We Love National Homemaker Day

  1. Everybody’s contribution is valuable
  2. Whether you’re out earning a paycheck or at home raising children, everyone’s work has value, and yet, there are few MVP awards given to the people who do the work in the home. This is a day that’s about changing that.
  3. American homes are changing and becoming more diverse
  4. More and more American homes are bucking the old-fashioned norms, particularly since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage across America in 2015. The idea that it was “less manly” or somehow weak to show too much interest in raising children has gone out the window.
  5. We’re all more than what we do to earn money
  6. We might all be proud of that fat bonus check or an inflated bank balance, but you can’t take that money with you, and things like love and care don’t always have a price tag.

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