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National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

If you have a police officer as a friend or family member, National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on January 9 is the perfect time to show officers we understand how difficult their job is. So it’s important to show officers how much we understand their difficult work and appreciate their sacrifice and risk.

History of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

The United States’ idea of law enforcement was fairly loose for a while. The Wild West was, well, wild. And most states and cities didn’t consider emergency services like firefighters and police officers necessary until much later than most would think. In the mid-1800s, most law enforcement was carried out in posse comitatus, where the sheriff and a posse of volunteers and deputies (much like the stereotypical Westerns of the 1960s) would enforce laws than a centralized police force.
Once the 20th century rolled around, most larger cities, counties, and states had developed a centralized police or sheriff’s department. In doing so, most of the country slowly started to see a reduction in the “Wild West” and a more tame and domesticated America, despite many newly formed local authorities needing to pick sides in a rise of unionizing labourers going on strike.
Whether civil unrest, labour strikes, huge sporting events, or just helping a cat get down from a tree, law enforcement officers are a critical part of our lives, woven into the everyday fabric of living in America. They keep our neighbourhoods safe and help ensure that whatever you need to do, you can do with peace of mind.
National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was created by multiple organizations in 2015 to express their gratitude for officers in the United States. In support of their services, citizens are encouraged to do their part in thanking the law enforcers on this day. One of the leading organizations to take the lead in this is C.O.P.S. – Concerns of Police Survivors. According to them, law enforcement officers must be shown that their difficult career path is recognized by the people they protect and uphold the law for.
This holiday was triggered by the chain of events in 2014 when a police officer was involved in a crossfire shooting in Missouri. The backlash and violence that followed this event led C.O.P.S. to take the initiative to change this negative portrayal of police officers in the news in recent years into a positive one. With over 900,000 officers in the United States, the organization believes it is essential to support law enforcers during difficult times. A holiday dedicated to them does just that. The day also raises awareness of the importance of understanding that the difficult decisions taken by police officers are in the best interest of citizens and the law.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Timeline

Policing a Very Large Apple
New York City is the first American city to establish a municipal police force.

Detecting a Change
Once again, New York leads the way by adopting the first detective unit.

Something N.Y.C. Didn’t Win
Pennsylvania became the first state to establish a state police force, as recommended by Theodore Roosevelt, to help control the numerous labour riots in the state’s hill country.

The 1920s
The West Coast Catches Up
Berkeley, California’s police force, gets ahead of the curve by adopting centralized and consistent training, communications, and order throughout its police force.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Traditions

As the name suggests, the tradition on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is to express gratitude to your local law enforcement. People wear blue clothing in solidarity with police officers, write a letter or send a card to the local police department, share their positive experiences with law enforcers on social media, and abide strictly by the law regarding their services. In addition, on the state and federal levels, several honorary ceremonies and award distributions are held for police officers and rangers.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Stats

2.5 million – The number of residents who celebrated National Night Out with local law enforcement.
292 – The number of officers in the United States Mint Police.
46 – The number of officers feloniously killed in 2017
708,569 – The all-time-high number of law enforcement officers was in 2008.
626,942 – The lowest number of law enforcement officers was in 2013.
⅓ – The amount of a police officer’s time that is spent on enforcing criminal law
9 – The number of female police officers killed in the line of duty in 2017

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Faqs

When is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day?
National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is every year on January 9.

How do I celebrate National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day?
There are many ways you can celebrate National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, even just by thanking police officers for their service.

Why do we celebrate National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day?
We celebrate National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to show support for the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect and serve their communities.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Show support on social media and by wearing blue.
  2. To promote awareness of support for law enforcement on L.E.A.D., consider showing support on your social media outlets. Perhaps change your profile photo to a badge or a thin blue line logo. And you can wear blue on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to show support. Not everyone knows a police officer personally, so social media is a good place to make a difference.
  3. Organize a Neighborhood Watch program
  4. Although the National Crime Prevention Council oversees the Neighborhood Watch program, local law enforcement will work with you on setting up and running one of these programs in your neighbourhood. Contact your local police department to receive some help in organizing a program.
  5. Volunteer or donate to your local Crime Stoppers program
  6. Local law enforcement agencies operate their Crime Stoppers programs, and they need donations and volunteers from the community to run them successfully. Some Crime Stoppers organizations even have oversight boards that are made up of community members. These boards often are involved in helping to determine rewards or in publicizing crimes where rewards are available. Contact your local law enforcement agency to see what kind of work is needed in this area or to attend a monthly meeting.

5 Facts About Police Officers

  1. Law enforcement has come a long way.
  2. In colonial America, officers were not very effective at catching criminals due to a lack of authority. Churches had more authority to hold trials.
  3. Police experiments
  4. The Japanese police once experimented with a Motorcycle Arresting Device for trapping biker gangs.
  5. Hello Kitty as punishment
  6. In Thailand, police officers are sometimes forced to wear Hello Kitty armbands for violations like showing up late to work.
  7. Freeze! This is the Bobby!
  8. In England, police officers are sometimes called ‘Bobbies.’ This name is in honour of the founder of the modern police department – Sir Robert Peel.
  9. 401(k) Withdrawals
  10. The 10 per cent penalty tax on early withdrawals from a 401(k) plan does not apply to withdrawals made by a public safety employee, as defined by the I.R.S.

Why We Love National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

  1. It’s a chance to see law enforcement personnel in another light.
  2. For most of us, our only interaction with law enforcement occurs when the officer asks us through our driver’s side window for our license and registration. But being an officer is about far more than handing out traffic tickets. National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is a great time to think about all the charitable work officers do to help people. (And, technically, when the officer is handing you a ticket, they are helping others be safe from your poor driving ..not that such thoughts are top of mind at the time.)
  3. It’s a chance to thank someone for doing an often thankless job.
  4. Even though we should thank law enforcement officers more often than we do, we can at least use L.E.A.D. as a good reminder. Verbal thanks are always welcome, as is picking up the tab when you see officers eating lunch at a local restaurant.
  5. It’s a good excuse to watch some of our favourite police movies.
  6. Sure, most police movies and T.V. shows have little basis in reality. But a lot of them are really fun to watch. So after you’ve shown your appreciation to your local law enforcement officers, you can sit down and watch your favourite movie or T.V. show for a look at the working side of law enforcement, even if it’s not particularly realistic.

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