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National Repeal Day

National Repeal Day

Back in 1933, following the signature of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the United States ended its 13-year experiment with the increasingly unpopular nationwide prohibition of alcohol, meaning yay, it’s National Repeal Day on December 5! If you enjoy alcohol, this is an excellent opportunity to celebrate your legal freedom to consume it. While popular opinion tends to suggest that prohibition failed, it did succeed in cutting overall alcohol consumption in half during the 1920s (although that also meant tax revenues from alcohol were zeroed out). Giving a dangerous, flapper-style edge to the consumption of alcohol in illegal speakeasies also may have contributed to a whole cult around alcohol consumption, further glamorizing it. And if there’s one thing we like when we’re consuming alcohol, it’s the element of glamor! So if you own any flapper-style costumes, this is the time to pull it out.

National Repeal Day Timeline

Put that bottle down
The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution passes, paving the way for prohibition.

Seriously put it down
Prohibition comes into effect

A big election
Roosevelt is elected on the promise of repealing prohibition.

Pick that bottle up
Sure enough, Roosevelt passes the 21st Amendment, repealing prohibition.

National Repeal Day Activities

Throw a party at your local speakeasy
Many former speakeasies have since turned into regular bars in cities across the country, which means you can book one and throw a 1920s-themed party for your friends without worrying about the police showing up unless things get really out of control.
Try a new cocktail
Moscow Mules, Margaritas, Martinis, Manhattans, Daiquiris, Negronis, Old Fashioneds, that’s seven cocktails we just listed, which should be enough to see even a pretty sturdy horse off for the evening. So why stay stuck in a rut when all those fascinating combinations exist?
Don’t forget the mocktails!
Seriously, not everyone drinks, and that’s cool. An increasing number of cocktail practitioners are learning the art of mocktail making. Whether you’re the designated driver or simply moderating your intake for any reason, we recommend checking out some of the fantastic flavor combinations at the non-alcoholic end of the menu. Particularly if it’s getting late and you’re having that conversation about whether one more drink is a good idea!

Why We Love National Repeal Day

It’s the only holiday written in our constitution.
The repeal of the 18th Amendment is the only national holiday written into our constitution, following the passage of the 33rd Amendment in 1933. That means you’re practically doing your patriotic duty by celebrating it, which is one of many good excuses you can use for showing up bleary-eyed for work tomorrow morning!
Flapper wear is fantastic.
Flappers were women known for their unconventional style and behavior, hairstyles, and ways of dressing, such as short skirts (gasp!). We love the flapper look and are inspired by the feminist and empowering messages that go with it. Men also dressed better in the 1920s, including suspenders and pinstripe suits.
Alcohol can be excellent.
We enjoy drinking alcohol in all its forms. Apart from the relaxing effect, we’re suckers for those articles saying to drink a glass of red wine because it helps reduce your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. So that’s three glasses of red wine we’re allowed to drink, right there, just for its health benefits. And then there are cocktails. We also love cocktails. And beer. The beer is also lovely.

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