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National Rural Health Day

National Rural Health Day

Over 60 million Americans live and work in seemingly idyllic, rural communities. But life gets challenging when illness or pregnancy forces you to travel greater distances to see a doctor or get to a hospital if the local one is closed due to lack of funding. National Rural Health Day on November 17, an annual event on the third Thursday of each November, helps us focus on the state of rural healthcare. We celebrate the providers, healthcare professionals, and community leaders who keep the spirit of small-town America alive in the best way possible.

National Rural Health Day Timeline

Continuous Strive
Rural areas needed additional healthcare services, but a lack of financial resources kept many public health nurses from getting adequate training outside of cities.

Baby steps.
The Social Security Act made an all-out effort to extend health services to mothers and children in rural areas, which resulted in lower maternal and infant mortality rates.

The State Offices of Rural Health grant program has since become a major player as a support system for rural communities.

The Opioid Crisis Response Act
This led to funding for healthcare providers and other resources aimed at rural communities struggling to meet the needs of those with substance abuse disorders.

How To Observe National Rural Health Day

Plan a group run, bicycle ride, or hit the trail
Do something to make yourself feel good. If you are lucky enough to live outside the city, get some friends together, hike or off-road bicycling, or maybe even take a peaceful walk. After all, focusing on healthy living is a big part of this day.
Thank your healthcare providers
Sometimes just a simple “thank you” will do. On National Rural Health Day, call or visit your local healthcare providers and tell them how much you appreciate everything they do for you. These doctors, nurses, midwives, and behavioural health professionals worry about you more than you know.
Write a letter to the editor or post a note online.
Advocacy is a big part of National Rural Health Day. If you write something important or creative enough, it may go viral. Then you’re hitting an even bigger audience than you originally intended. Get your voice out there and let everybody know that rural communities need love too.

5 Reasons Why Rural America Needs Better Healthcare

There aren’t enough doctors.
Only 10 per cent of physicians have practices in rural communities, even though nearly 25 per cent of the U.S. population lives outside of cities.
Children are suffering
About 24 per cent of children in rural settings are battling poverty.
There aren’t enough hospitals.
Within the past 25 years, more than 470 rural hospitals have shut down due to loss of funding.
There aren’t enough mental health services.
Almost 20 per cent of rural counties lack mental health services compared with only 5 per cent of metropolitan counties.
Hypertension affects rural settings more.
Factors such as isolation, increased poverty, and overall ageing may be why hypertension is significantly higher in rural areas.

Why National Rural Health Day Is Important

Rural communities are part of America.
Sometimes city dwellers forget that there’s a whole other world outside urban centers. National Rural Health Day is an opportunity for everyone to salute the unsung heroes of rural communities — the hospitals, healthcare professionals and other providers who keep rural communities going despite diminishing resources, population loss, and the ravages of the upload crisis.
Rural communities struggle to keep surgeons and hospitals.
Outside the picture postcard beauty of many rural communities, a war rages. The lack of reimbursements by Medicare and Medicaid for services rendered, especially during the current upload crisis, is shutting down hospitals. The few open hospitals have difficulty training and retaining quality surgeons and physicians. Many doctors either “age out” or transition from providing general surgical care to specialized care — meaning returning to the cities that can pay high salaries for that level of skilled surgical expertise.
Poverty is proportionately higher in rural America.
National Rural Health Day highlights poverty’s impact on the healthcare system in rural communities. The average income for rural residents is about 25% less than the income of urban Americans. The escalating upload crisis and the closure of manufacturing, farming, mining, and other businesses mean younger people either leave the area or suffer behavioral health issues. Rural communities of color often live in “food deserts” — areas without stores selling fresh produce or other perishables, which contributes to high rates of hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

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