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National Salesperson Day

National Salesperson Day

How often have you walked around a department store, especially during the holidays, and felt bad for whoever had to fix all those messy shelves? That’s where National Salesperson Day comes in. Shoppers should always be thankful for their help, but on December 10, be sure to go out of your way to say, “I appreciate you!” We’ve celebrated since 2000, making it a point to thank all the salespeople we contact and even post to social media.

National Salesperson Day Timeline

The first usage of the modern “Black Friday” term
Philadelphia police used the term “Black Friday” to describe the post-Thanksgiving shopping chaos, mixed with an influx of tourists for that Saturday’s Army-Navy football game.

September 24, 1869
The first recorded usage of the term “Black Friday.”
It referred to the U.S. gold market crash in the 1860s.

April 7, 1818
The oldest U.S. department store opened
Brooks Brothers opened its first store — in New York City.

Capitalism originated
Merchant capitalism, the earliest phase in capitalism’s development, started in the medieval Islamic world.

National Salesperson Day Activities

  1. Thank EVERYONE
  2. Whether you’re gassing up, stopping for coffee, or picking up a gift, be sure to thank all the salespeople you come in contact with. They’ll appreciate it.
  3. Share a favourite story.
  4. Hop on social media and use #NationalSalespersonDay to share a favourite story about someone going out of their way to help. Those feel-good stories give everyone — salespeople and otherwise — the warm fuzzies.
  5. Pass out gift cards
  6. Want to go above and beyond? Have a favourite salesperson in particular who always helps? Hand them a $5 gift card to your favourite coffee shop to say “thanks.”

4 Ways Thanking A Salesperson Can Help You

  1. Gratitude is suitable for your physical health.
  2. ​Grateful people exercise more often and have fewer aches and pains.
  3. ​Gratitude is good for your mental health.
  4. ​It can reduce emotions like frustration, resentment, envy, and regret.
  5. ​Gratitude increases your empathy.
  6. ​Grateful people are less likely to seek revenge while remaining sensitive to others’ emotions.
  7. ​Gratitude even helps us overcome trauma.
  8. ​Grateful veterans experienced fewer occurrences of PTSD.

Why We Love National Salesperson Day

  1. The holidays are everyone’s favourite time to give back.
  2. Charitable giving goes up during the holiday season but saying “thank you” doesn’t cost a penny. Remember to show gratitude and make the busy shopping season a little brighter for salespeople.
  3. Sale is a difficult job.
  4. Sales jobs can bring uncertainty, pressure, long hours and, yes, thanklessness. It’s easy to help alleviate at least one of those: say “thank you!”
  5. ‘The customer is always right.’
  6. The mantra is excellent when you’re a customer, but what if you’re on the other side of it? A salesperson’s knowledge of their merchandise is unsurpassed, and customers need to give props.

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