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National Youth Confidence Day

National Youth Confidence Day

National Youth Appreciation Day is celebrated on October 20 of every year. Celebrating young people’s potential, accomplishments, energy, and spirit is a day. The aim is to instill confidence in them and continue to help them grow into successful adults. This day was created by Tiffany R. Lewis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Confident Girl Mentoring Program. It is a nonprofit organization that utilizes evidence-based interventions to empower and build confidence in young girls aged seven to 19. They aim to embody developmental strategies and workshops that take students on a journey of self-discovery and development in those who may otherwise feel marginalized.

History of National Youth Confidence Day

Many young people throughout history have changed the world in different ways. We want to take some time to share the stories of some of them as a means to help you inspire the young people you know. Joan of Arc (1412 to 1431) was a French heroine and Roman Catholic saint. She was born to a family of peasants, and from the age of thirteen, she began to have mystical visions. In these visions, she said she felt the voice of God telling her to renew the French nation. In May 1428, the divine messages urged her to seek an audience with Charles de Ponthieu, currently an ineffective leader of the French. At the time, the country was divided, and King Henry V of England had invaded. Joan made a strong impression on Charles and was part of a relief army on April 29, 1429, despite being just 17 years old. Within a year, she led the French army to many victories, allowing for King Charles VII’s coronation and the French’s eventual triumph. However, she was captured by Burgundian forces when she was 19 and sold to the English, who accused her of witchcraft and burned her at stake. She was canonized as a saint in 1920 and remained the patron saint of France.

Another important person was Sophie Scholl, born in Germany in 1921 and part of the White Rose, an anti-war group. She and her friends began painting anti-Nazi slogans on buildings and distributed anti-war leaflets. They were arrested on February 18, 1943, and were sentenced to death, but even the guards were impressed by their courage and allowed them to meet one last time before their execution.

National Youth Confidence Day

April 29, 1429
Joan Of Arc Joins the French Army
Within a year, she leads the French army to many victories, allowing for King Charles VII’s coronation and the French’s eventual triumph.

November 29, 1887
St. Therese of Lisieux Becomes a Nun
At age 15, she breaks protocol and asks the Pope for permission to enter a convent.

February 18, 1943
Sophie Scholl is Arrested in Nazi Germany
She is arrested for distributing anti-war leaflets, and even the guards are impressed by her courage, so she’s allowed to see her friends one last time before being executed.

June 25, 1947
Anne Frank’s Diary is published
A young Jewish girl chronicles the Nazi occupation in the Netherlands, and the diary is published posthumously by her father, who remembers she wanted to be a writer.

November 14, 1960
Ruby Bridges Attends an All-White School
She becomes the first black child to enter a previously all-white elementary school when she’s six years old.

National Youth Confidence Day FAQs

What are some teenage insecurities?
Teens most struggle with trouble sleeping, aggression, withdrawal, clinical anxiety, and depression.
At what age do you become confident?
Self-esteem first begins to grow between ages four and 11 as children develop socially and cognitively and gain some sense of independence. Levels then seem to plateau — but not decrease — as the teenage years begin from ages 11 to 15. After that lull, self-esteem appears to rise substantially until age 30.
What does high self-esteem look like?
When you have high self-esteem, you’re assertive in expressing your needs and opinions, confident in your ability to make decisions, able to form secure and honest relationships, more resilient and better able to weather stress and setbacks, and less overly critical of yourself and others, and have realistic expectations.

National Youth Confidence Day Activities

Inspire a young person in your life
/Ask them about their interests, aspirations, or skills they would like to learn. Give them feedback on things they have done, or provide them with the tools to accomplish their goals. They need to have an adult they can rely on for these things since sometimes parents don’t understand.
Share stories about them on social media
Talk about how they inspire you or share their work, for example. You can use the #NationalYouthConfidenceDay hashtag or tag @Confidentgirlmentoring.
Support new young talent on social media
Once again, the #NationalYouthConfidenceDay hashtag is put to good use. Browse it to find other young people that may need confidence. Plus, you could end up being surprised by the things they do.

Why We Love National Youth Confidence Day

It’s a chance to learn about promising young people.
The hashtag is a good way to discover new up-and-coming artists, musicians, athletes, inventors, game developers, and more. Don’t do it to seem cool or ahead of the curve; try to help them realize what they do matters.
It’s a chance to teach young people.
When doing so, you need to be careful not to make them think that the way they do things is outright wrong or to have them lose the unique elements they bring to the table. So, for an artist that draws stylized characters, for example, explain the importance of learning realistic anatomy without downplaying their art style, which many art teachers, unfortunately, tend to do.
It’s a good day to remember important historical youths.
We’ve mentioned many that often go overlooked in this article, but there’s not enough space for them. Feel free to look up more, and share their stories with the young people in your life to inspire them.

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