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Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day is an annual event celebrated in September that celebrates free software. In addition to encouraging the use of free software, Software Freedom Day is an educational program to increase awareness and understanding of its virtues. The day is celebrated to spread knowledge about free software and its integrity and to encourage its use. Keep reading this article to learn more about the day and how it is celebrated worldwide.

When is Software Freedom Day in 2022?

Software Freedom Day in 2022 is on Thursday, 15th September (9/15/2022). Software Freedom Day is on the 258th day of 2022. 

Who is Software Freedom Day celebrated by?

It is celebrated by people who aim to make the world aware of the benefits of using free and open-source software. In addition, the event is intended to raise awareness of open source software among students.

When did Software Freedom Day first start?

 Software Freedom Day was first started in 2004.

Who started Software Freedom Day?

 The Digital Freedom Foundation came up with the concept of Software Freedom Day.


On 28th August 2004, the first Software Freedom Day was celebrated. About 12 teams participated in the first event. This day is designed to make the public aware of the advantages of using FOSS in the government, home, education, and business sectors. SFD celebrates free and open-source software around the world every year. According to a research paper by lecturer Mohammad J Alam, open-source software helps the government save money by lowering spending on proprietary software. Both free and open-source software has been adopted in South Asian countries at both the individual and organizational levels and by governments. Local community teams organize local SFD events worldwide to give knowledge, support, giveaways, and a point of collaboration. The aim is to make a positive impact in each community.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Software Freedom Day

An excellent way to celebrate the day is to engage in the festivities. Search for an event near you or attend virtually with the SFD event map. In addition, LPI and other partners organize events globally to promote equal access to free software. Organize a Software Freedom Day celebration and post it on social media. Raising awareness of free software is essential.

Facts And Stats

  • Anyone with even basic programming knowledge can learn how the program works. Hold school campaigns encouraging children how to access free software on this day.
  • Since 2006, the third Saturday in September has been designated for Software Freedom Day.
  • In India, there are a variety of open-source and free organizations and communities, such as Open Knowledge India and the Centre for Internet and Society. On this day, spread awareness about these organizations on social media.

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