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World Ballet Day

World Ballet Day

World Ballet Day is celebrated every year in October. Ballet traced back to the 15th century, is an intricate and artistic dance form involving precise, light, and graceful movements and gestures performed to music. World Ballet Day is a special occasion for people to celebrate this well-loved art.

History of world ballet day

World Ballet Day was first celebrated on October 1, 2014. On this particular day, top ballet companies worldwide stream live videos over six continents, showcasing their behind-the-scenes preparations, rehearsals, and dance classes. The leading companies contributing to the event are The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, the National Ballet of Canada, the San Francisco Ballet, and the Royal Swedish Ballet.
The history of ballet dates back to the 15th century in Italy and France. The dance was often performed by noblemen and women in the royal courts. However, the early form of ballet included not only dancing but music, poetry, décor, and costume, known as ‘ballet de cour.’ This elaborate form of ballet was developed by Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry II of France.
The year 1681 witnessed the transition of ballet from the royal courts to the stage, where it was incorporated with operas, especially in France. In the 1700s, a French-ballet master revolutionized this ballet-opera trend, advocating that ballet deserved to stand on its own as a recognized genre. This led to another form of ballet known as the ‘ballet action. This form involved expressive and dramatic movements used to tell stories through dance.
In the 19th century, ballet gradually evolved as classical techniques such as pointe work, the precision of movement, and turn-out developed in Russia. It was during this period that the classical “Swan Lake,” Sleeping Beauty,” and “The Nutcracker” were created.
Today, ballet takes different shapes and styles, with the rules being a little less rigid than they were in the past. Costumes vary based on creativity, and classical music is no longer the mandatory genre of music it is performed to. It has also given life to new dance forms, such as contemporary, lyrical, modern, and neo-classical dance.

World ballet day timeline

The 1500s
Catherine of France
‘Ballet de Cour’ begins to grow due to the influence of Catherine de Medici.

First Dance Academy
The first dance academy, Academie Royale de Danse, is established by King Louis XIV of France.

The 1800s
“Giselle” is created during the Romantic Movement in Russia.

First Celebration
World Ballet Day is celebrated for the first time.

How to celebrate world ballet day?

Join the event
Participate in World Ballet Day by joining the live stream on the company’s website. Alternatively, you can view them on other social media platforms.
Use the hashtag
While on your social media page, spread awareness about the day. Use a hashtag, such as #worldballetday.
Attend a performance
Want to go all out to celebrate? Try attending a live ballet performance and enjoy the beautiful art.

5 amazing facts about ballet

Male ballerinas can lift!
The average male ballerina can lift one ton’s worth of ballerinas in a performance.
No female ballerinas
During the 15th century, women were not allowed to join the ballet as it was prohibited for them to dance in public.
Happy tutus
According to research, just looking at a tutu can potentially increase audience members’ happiness by 60%.
Delicate costumes
Ballet costumes are so delicate that they can only be hand-washed in cold water using a very mild detergent.
Police officers and ballerinas
Romanian police officers take ballet so that they can control traffic gracefully.

Why we love world ballet day

It is a beautiful art.
We love ballet! It is such a beautiful and graceful dance form that captivates audiences.
Longing for fairytales
Ballet appeals to humans’ innate longing for fantasy. This is elicited by the dazzling costumes and the lovely music.
It is soothing
Watching ballet is an immersive experience. Some report that watching one is soothing, refreshing, and has a calming effect.

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