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World Coconut Day 2022


Furthermore, the day also aims at celebrating the prior importance of various uses of coconuts in every human being’s life daily.

Event World Coconut Day
Date September 2, 2022
Day Friday
Significance This delightful Coconut fruit is honored
Observed by World wide

World Coconut Day History

Coconuts were first domesticated by the Austronesian peoples in the Islands of Southeast Asia and were spread during the Neolithic through their seaborne migrations as far east as the Pacific Islands and as far west as Madagascar and Comoros.

They played a critical role in the long sea voyages of Austronesians by providing a portable source of food and water and building materials for Austronesian boats.

Coconuts were later spread in historic times along the Indian and Atlantic Oceans coasts by South Asian, Arab, and European sailors and traders as coconuts were a huge trade commodity back then. 

Europeans introduced coconuts to the Americas only during the colonial era in the Columbian exchange. And soon, the climate in Mexico and other Caribbean countries suited well for its production, which led to a rise in plantations during which many European powers colluded with each other to get the most share out of it. 

So by looking at all of these, we can understand that coconuts have also played a significant role in shaping our History. And to acknowledge its importance and to make people encourage toward coconuts consumption, the Asia Pacific Coconut Community, which includes almost all of the significant coconut producers, decided to establish a day for coconuts, and thus ‘World Coconut Day’ was formed on the 2nd of September 2009 commemorating the date on which Asia Pacific Coconut Community was founded.

World Coconut Day Significance

About 90% of the world’s coconuts today are produced in Asia only, and Asia also witnesses the most significant consumption of coconuts annually than any other place. Although coconut consumption is growing outside Asia still isn’t that popular outside, and that’s why also categorized as Asia specific fruit item.

So this day was established to change this mentality that coconut is only Asia-specific, and the goal of celebrating World Coconut Day is to encourage the consumption of uses of coconuts outside Asia and makes it one of the most popular fruit items all over the world.

Coconut is a refreshing drink, mostly enjoyed during the hot summer season in the tropical Asain countries. However, in many parts of Asia, it is consumed yearly. Coconut drink is the most common use of coconuts as people at the beaches or in coastal areas especially like to sip coconut water to beat down the heat and give them a refreshing flavor.

Although coconut water is probably the most common use of coconuts, it can also be used for many other things. The white edible seed part of the coconut is called ‘coconut meat’, ‘coconut flesh’, or ‘coconut kernel’ and is very rich in nutrition with many minerals, so it is an excellent source of energy and health. The white seed part of the coconut is consumed mainly in Asia and is incorporated into many types of cuisines. Otherwise, oil is also produced from coconuts; its leaves and outside parts are also used for various purposes

Interesting facts on coconut

On the occasion of World Coconut Day, below are some of the interesting facts related to coconut:-

  • It almost takes a year for coconut to ripe
  • One coconut palm tree bears the capability of resulting in 100 coconuts every year
  • ‘Coconut’ is a combination of the Portuguese word ‘Coco’ and the word ‘nut.’
  • Asia is a 90% contributor to the world’s coconut production
  • Along with Indonesia, India forms one of the world’s biggest exporters

Most Searched FAQs on World Coconut Day

1. When is World Coconut Day celebrated? 

World Coconut Day is annually celebrated on 2nd September. 

2. Who founded World Coconut Day? 

Asia Pacific Coconut Community founded World Coconut Day in 2009. 

3. Which country is the largest producer of coconuts? 

Indonesia is the largest producer of coconuts. 

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