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World Photography Day 2022

World Photography Day

When is World Photography Day 2022

World Photography Day is celebrated on August 19 every year. The day is an exclusive celebration of photography’s history, basking in the current technological trends in photography and awaiting an excellent opportunity for the future.

History of World Photography Day

France was a pioneer country in the world of photography. It gave the world its first photographic process. Before the world could even think that a moment could be permanently captured through something like a photograph, the Frenchman Louis Daguerre created a miracle. It was in the year 1839 that Louis Daguerre invented the daguerreotype, mainly a photographic process. The French Academy of Sciences formally declared this process to the world.

Even more interesting about this invention is that the whole process was made freely available to the world. This landmark event was declared free to the entire world on August 19, 1839. Hence every year, this day happens to be celebrated as World Photography Day. In 1861, progress could be seen in photography when the first colour photograph appeared on the scene by Thomas Sutton. Exactly two decades later, the first hallmark invention in the field of photography made inroads.
Kodak invented the digital camera. With this invention, much of the old photography themes were shelved entirely to make way for sophistication, filters, effects and 3D visualization treats. Thus the journey from a rare click to every second click on our mobile is worth traversing through. International Photography day expands this journey and lets the world know how and what it took for a photo to become a masterpiece.

World Photography Day Theme

The best way to celebrate a day on world photography day would be to encourage themed photography contests to contenders. We could organize various charity events selling photographs for a fair price and serve the donations received to a charitable trust. Exhibitions of various illustrious and enriched photography could be celebrated on this day.
So, various themes could be combined to make the special day a glorious event to remember. Photography associations worldwide gather to theme the day with catalogues, handouts, printed book shares, bookmark photography, and tea time photography, sparking the engaging art’s interest.

World Photography Day 2022 – Significance

A photo is nothing but a mixed bag of emotions taking place at a particular instant of time, expressed beautifully through the art of photography. It communicates unlimited feelings and emotions to the person who clicks the photograph and those who enjoy it. The day is significant and holds a special mention in the modern world. The most significant part is encouraging young budding professionals and interested candidates to pursue photography as a passion.
The significance also comprises motivating students to treat photography as a career. Photography could be a rewarding profession too! Many of us aren’t even aware of the various fields in photography. Various personalities worldwide have tasted immense success in areas like wildlife photography, nature photography, childhood photography and similar themes.

World Photography Day 2022 Celebration

Celebration of World Photography day could be indoors or outdoors. Indoor photo shoots or themed destination photoshoots rule the themes for the day. Celebrations revolve around the art of photography. Photography is an art or more of a craft that is a creative beat that combines the knowledge of science and creative instincts. Celebrations around the world revolve around this concept. Expert photographers and creative workers in photography are celebrated on this day. Let us all smile for a day worth celebrating the world’s photographers.

World Photography Day 2022 – FAQs

1. Why do we celebrate World Photography Day?

Answer: The first photographic process was developed by Louis Daguerre. World Photography Day is a day to pay tribute to this excellent legend for his amazing discovery. It is also to celebrate the present trends in photography and look forward to a bright future in the field.

2. When is World Photography Day?

Answer: August 19 of every year is celebrated as World Photography Day.

3. What is the theme of World Photography Day 2022?

Answer: The theme for World Photography Day 2022 is Pandemic lockdown through the lens. However, people are encouraged to click their Selfies and upload them on social media handles with the tagline “World Photography Day”.

4. Which country is best for photography?

Answer: Peru is a country known for its best photography with its breathtaking destination Machu Picchu.

5. Who started World Photography Day?

Answer: World Photography day first came into being because of the invention of the daguerreotype. The French government was the first to publicize the invention and make it freely available to the world.

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