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World Town Planning Day

World Town Planning Day

World Town Planning Day is observed annually on November 8. This day was set aside to commemorate the important role planning and structuring play in creating our communities. Town planning is one of the most important parts of making our organized, livable communities. This act gained full recognition when this day was founded in 1949 by late professor Carlos Maria Della Paola. World Town Planning Day also goes by “World Urbanism Day.” The holiday seeks to encourage community planning by paying heed to environmental factors involved in progressing a town.

History of World Town Planning Day

Take a few moments to think about the area you live in. Think about how easy it is to locate and navigate to your office, favourite grocery store, or even your favourite bar. That ease would not have been possible without the application of town planning. Urban or Town planning is the most important process for developing any urban, suburban, or rural area. It determines how seamlessly work, live, and play in any environment. It is a concept that has existed for as long as the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations and has positively evolved.
In more technical terms, town planning refers to the technical processes that focus on designing, developing, and using infrastructure when setting up a community. This planning focuses on factors like accessibility, transportation, communication, and distribution networks by applying knowledge from different areas of life, such as engineering, architecture, politics, and even human psychology. The idea of a planned-out urban area can be traced back to as far as civilizations found in the third millennium B.C, with Greek city-states centring on grid-like plans for military defences and public convenience.
From the 15th Century, more thought was being put into urban planning, and by the 20th Century, the concerns of the general public and the working man became a priority. As a result, urban planning took on a more central approach. As a result, World Urbanism Day or World Town Planning Day was founded by the late Professor Carlos Maria Della Paolera in 1949 to look at urban planning from a global perspective and promote its role in creating livable communities. This holiday is globally recognized by over 30 countries and four continents and is celebrated on November 8.

World Town Planning Day Timeline

15th Century
A More Thoughtful Approach
More theoretical thought is being discussed and put into the architecture and urban planning.

The 1800s
The Redesign of Paris
The city of Paris has been redesigned into a more modern capital with wider roads and boulevards.

The Official Body
The Town and Country Planning Association is established in Britain.

The 1900s
The Modern Approach
Modernism, uniformity, individualism, and diversity have become the main focus of urban development.

World Town Planning Day Activities

Attend an event
Planning associations worldwide organize different kinds of events on this day to promote the cause. These events are highly educational and help the public understand more about urban planning. Find an event closest to you and attend it to broaden your knowledge of urban planning.
Spread awareness
The main goal of World Town Planning Day is to raise awareness of its importance on a global scale. Join the cause by spreading information across your socials. Use the hashtags #WorldUrbanismDay, #WTPD, or #WorldTownPlanningDay when making your posts to reach more relevant people.
Attend the online conference
There is an online conference that is organized each year on this date. It is the perfect option for those who cannot attend live events. Learn more details about it online, and see how you can join and be a part of it. Don’t keep this information to yourself; instead, share it with loved ones who may be interested.

Why We Love World Town Planning Day

It is a worldwide movement.
World Town Planning Day highlights the importance of adequate urban planning for communities and the world at large. As the population increases daily, it is essential to put proper planning methods in place to make room for adequate expansion.
It appreciates the contribution of urban planning.
This day raises awareness of the importance of urban planning and highlights the amazing contribution of urban planners in our communities so far. This gives us an understanding of the important contributions sound planning has made to the quality of our lives so far.
It educates on the importance of proper planning.
As we raise awareness of the need for urban planning on this day, we also get a deeper understanding of why it is so important in the first place. This broadens the knowledge of civilians and relevant bodies to understand this important concept.

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