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Being a good teacher is like opening the first door to success. Wishing you a happy Guru Purnima.

Life without a Guru is like a ship, without a destination and an edge because this Guru has special importance in life.

Guru is like that inspiration in man’s life who always encourages him to move forward. Happy Guru Purnima.

Behind a great success, the hand of a Guru must be there because, without a good teacher, the learner cannot do anything. Happy Guru Purnima.

Whatever we are today, it is only because of a good Guru, him, that we have learned these manners. Happy Guru Purnima.

Just as the rays of the sun give equal light to the whole earth, in the same way, the teachings of the Guru teach everyone to walk equally. Happy Guru Purnima.

Having a good teacher in life is a big deal because he brings goodness to live the lives of many people. Happy Guru Purnima.

A Guru is like a shining star who can shine all our future happy Guru Purnima.

He makes life easy from the toughest by enabling us to recognise our shortcomings.

Our behaviour reflects our qualities, and our qualities reflect the teachings of our Guru. Happy Guru Purnima.

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